To make a difference is something important for it has an effect on everyone and everything~ Plants, animals, the weather and US. Making the difference with rubbish is one of those things that are most important!

One of the ways that will definitely make a difference to the world is to pick up the rubbish.

Watch this video and do the same!


To reduce means to use less of something, e.g. If the lady asks you if you want a plastic bag, you should say no thankyou. It sounds like it’s not helping the environment but really it’s helping a lot. Just some simple things can change the fact of rubbish.


When you reuse something it means to reuse a previous item that you have used. This could be as simple as, if you finished your jar of jam be simple and wash the jar and reuse it for something, e.g. Paint, keep pencils in it or you could use it just as a simple jar for any thing.


If you recycle something it means you must keep your waste in a recycling bi and it will be taken to a factory, where it is recycled and made into something else. Some of these materials that are recycled is glass, paper, cardboard and all types of plastics.

Put Your rubbish in the bin

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