Mum: I can help the environment by recycling things that we don’t use around the house, that way it can be recycled and be turned into something else that can be useful for other people
Dad: I can help the environment by recycling all the thing’s that I don’t use anymore, like any tools in my tool box because they might be broken and they can be useful for something.
Jacob: I can make a difference by making sure that I put my rubbish in the bin at school , and making sure that I don’t just leave it floor because other animal’s might eat it.

Thing's that will happen if you DON'T Recycle:
external image Recycling_clip_image002.jpg

  • Your house hold will look really messy and untidy.
  • All different animals might appear in your house.
  • If it left on the ground outside it might be eaten by any pets that you have or even any animals that visit that area of land.

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