It is important to recycle paper because, Lots of trees are being chopped down to make paper and we are wasting it. When you chop down a tree that tree filters the bad air into itself and when you chop that tree down it releases that bad air (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere which is also helping to cause the “greenhouse effect” which is warming the atmosphere because the gases are catching the sun’s rays which is warming the atmosphere. Also there are many ways to reuse, reduce and recycle by the way above but there are more like, use the left over pieces for scrap booking, Shred it in a shredder and place it in a box with fragile items instead of using Styrofoam or Cover your books using newspaper articals or pictures. Here are ideas on how to reuse paper; Most home recycling bins, provided by your local council, usually accept paper products.
pencilshavings.jpgPencil Shavingspencil_shavings250.jpg
We could make collages and put them into a show and the money that’s raised would go towards bins. We could also use pencil shavings for mulch in the garden and playground. They can be used for kindling to start a fire. We could plainly put them in the worm farm. You can make pictures with some glue paper and some shavings. If you’re careful you can even make 3-D pictures. You can even get a recycled pencil shaving pencil. You can even make it yourself by squishing a lot of pencil shavings together and by using a little bit of glue.

ty0z4080.jpgReusing cardboard gorillamask02.jpg

You can also reuse cardboard. You can use cardboard to make a show so you can then make some puppets and entertain little kids.
I also recall someone bringing in a cardboard chair made out of scrap cardboard. Also cardboard can be used to start and keep a fire alive considering its easy to burn and it’s thick. Also it can be used as a border in collages and projects. You can even use cardboard in book covers. You can put it in a worm farm and even use it for mulch. You can shred it up and put it in a box to keep fragile things in like glass.

Use Energy Saving Light Bulbs...

Bonus Fun Time;

**** These games are a good way of showing how the pollution can destroy the surroundings eg. Trees can be destroyed. A virtual school game and other fun games to do with recycling and reusing.