Rubbish can affect the plants by killing them by suffocating the plants by the rapping of the rubbish around the plants steam. Also rubbish can affect the plants by them not getting enough sunlight, water and air.

Animals can be affected by rubbish by flying in to there pen or paddock and the animals mistaking it for food and eating it. Rubbish can also effect the animals by getting stuck around there necks or on there foot or any were on there body and choking them or not letting them eat.
The damage of animals under water

there is a little movie here that me and my group would like to show you. It is about what would happen if you leave your rubbish on the floor.
It Might thke a little while for it to load but it is worth it!

How some plants can be affected by rubbish are:

fishdead.jpgFish that die in all the rubbish

Turtlesick.jpgThe turtle had all that rubbish down the bottom of the picture in its stomach

How some plants can be affected are:

Plants can get all dirty by not getting enough water

This is what it looks like. How horrible.

How would you feel if this has happened to your animals or your plants? Even if you don’t like plants OR animals think how someone else would fell.
One piece of rubbish would help one animal’s life.
So PLEASE help by putting your rubbish in the bin.

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